AUTO-FEED Department shredder featuring excellent, German-made quality. Ideal for up to 5 moderate users. 3-year warranty.

HSM Securio AF150 Autofeed Shredders

  • HSM SECURIO shredders are totally state-of-the-art in terms of their design, economic energy management, absolute ease of operation and low-noise in operation. These combined features produced a document shredder for the future office today. Automatic paper feed shreds stacks of paper with up to 150 sheets as well as single sheets of paper effortlessly whilst saving you time.

    o Excellent quality, very robust, made in Germany.
    o Stylish, clean lines.
    o Very quiet.
    o Reliable and time-saving auto-feed technology can shred up to 150 sheets automatically without the operator having to be in attendance.
    o Nanogrip Technology for reliable sheet intake.
    o Manual feed slot for non-standard documents such as envelopes, odd sizes, glossy paper, stapled items, etc.
    o Useful dual function: Manual feeding of paper is possible during the auto-feed stack processing.
    o Department model designed for upto 5 users, also shreds staples & paperclips. Cross Cut model can also shred CDs & credit cards/store cards. Micro cut model can also shred credit cards/store cards.
    o Powerful motor allows for continuous operation.
    o Automatic start /stop and auto-reverse in the event of a paper jam.
    o Reverse button.
    o Simply select the different functions with a single control key: start, stop, temporary and permanent mode.
    o Level indicator through inspection window.
    o Removable bin.
    o Mobile on castors.
    o EcoSmart ensures very low power consumption in standby mode.
    o 3-year warranty. Lifetime cutter warranty.
    o 34L waste bin
    o All models up to 150 sheets through auto-feed